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FFXIV Making Gil 2020 Reddit?

Gil is the most widely accepted game currency. The number of Gils you hold is shown on the currency panel. Gil can trade between players via markerboard or email. Players can get Gil by completing tasks, guildleves, dungeons and challenge log entries, as well as killing monsters and selling items. Here are some suggestions from Reddit users.

1. Dungeon Roulettes

This particular approach is simple, though time-consuming, as it is in most cases in FFXIV. However, running in a dungeon will give you considerable gil rewards for other items and experiences. It's not the most effective way, but it's an effective choice for those who want to take more risks in money. In the roulette game, when fighting with monsters, boss will get many Gil rewards in addition to completing the dungeon. You must click the roulette option in the duty finder. Even after the party, you have to traverse the entire dungeon to complete, which is a bit time-consuming. If you do it twice a week, it will bring you a lot of gil!

2. Crafting

There is no doubt that crafting is one of the best ways to master Gil. It provides players with the equipment, materials and furniture they want to add to their houses. Generally, your income will be six or seven figures. In the craft class, the most valuable and profitable are goldsmith, blacksmith, cooks, etc.

3. The Market board

Make and sell items in the player market so that the player can pay for you. Or dump all the unnecessary goods you have accumulated into the market to make money quickly. Make high-quality equipment instead of going to the market. Reduce your competition by increasing the price. And more reasonable. If you have a high level craft class, this may be the fastest and easiest way to make you rich in a week.Participants with market crafting materials on the board that are slightly higher than the store price are likely to buy the product you offer because they don't want to leave to buy it.

4. Ventures

It will take about five to ten minutes to complete this process. All you need to do is unlock the two retainers and send them out. As you perform a number of different collection tasks, post your information to the market and then sit back and relax. First, send your hires to the enterprise to raise money, rather than using the collection tasks of large companies to collect materials. After completing the above two operations, you will go directly to the market or the house (if any).By the end of this week, you can bring home no more than 100000 gils. Fast, simple. This is the easiest way, because it has less work and simple game mechanism.

5. Be a Hunter and Gatherer

If you are using a gathering class on a role, this method may be the best and most efficient for you. You search and collect high quality materials and raw materials to sell to the highest bidder. If you haven't guessed it, it's a great way to open up the market.People are lazy and use this factor to take advantage of the market by selling the materials they need for players who don't want to be bothered by themselves. Use the tasks and categories of large companies to collect high-quality materials. If you are addicted to time, you will be rewarded. Pursue high quality. High quality goods are more valuable than low quality goods, and people are willing to spend more gil on high quality materials.

6. Miners are worth a lot of money

However, if you upgrade the miner class, this method is more specific than the other methods in this list. This method only takes you about an hour to make it a quick and effective way to get rich quickly. The guide may be a little outdated, but the core concepts and execution still apply to the current version of the game. Determine the demand for specific items on the market and how they are priced. It takes only an hour a day to work with your miners in some parts of the world to get popular materials and items on the market. Once your miner has spent enough time with a hammer to collect valuable minerals, it's time to sell them on the market.

7. Fisher

If you're looking for the most natural way to earn a lot of in-game money, Fisher will be your best choice. Your only goal is to get close to 70 levels from one level, after which you need to get 20K Gil on the server.

8. Other methods

  • Sell the high-value materia directly, transmute the low value to get high value (DoH/DoL)

  • Exchange Cracked Cluster (daily roulette) for materia to sell. Alternatively, horde cracked clusters until new gear tier drops (materia prices go up)

  • Exchange armor/weapon drops into GC seals, exchange seals for market-board sellers (glamour prisms, coke, etc...)

  • Exchange Mendacity for high-end crafter items, sell on marketboard

  • Exchange Poetics for Unidentified Ore / Shells, turn into Grade 3 topsoil, sell on market

  • Save Genesis, spend on armor/accessories if needed to prevent capping

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Reddit Review: Is buying ffxiv gil safe?

In fact, the behavior is against the rules in all cases. The safest way to obtain Gil in FFXIV is to play in the game. You will find a large number of currency. If you can find an efficient way, you can get thousands of Gil in a short time.

Currently, Square Enix does not sell money in its cash store. Over the years, they have been firmly opposed to the "pay for victory" mechanism. Even in the actual process of playing the game, gil is useless in most cases (the biggest thing you can buy is the house, and the beast tribe is used). Like gil, he sank the soldiers and mounts, but the new beasts introduced in the storm were only purchased with the beast tribe token It's even more useless now. In the game itself, gil's only real purpose is transportation costs and seller armor. Most of Gil's people are in the market, so unless you really need expensive glamour or the latest minions, you probably don't need much to play the game effectively.

Do Reddit users buy FF14 Gil?

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot to consume. I have been playing for a while and I like it most of the time. I'm a super casual MMO player, so I'm interested in simple things (such as interesting battles, beautiful visuals and enough exploration space). These are games that provide me a lot of things.

I would also like to emphasize that there are many free and unsubscribed MMOs that can also provide these functions, but many of them have many problems, making them more difficult for more serious players to accept. It may take a while to find games that you think are more positive than negative. At least I find that's true, so it's a good experience to play a more comprehensive game like FFXIV. I've heard good news about the final game of this game and the more serious game, so if that's what your game is about, it's probably a good investment before you get bored.

To sum up, I would recommed you to buy FFXIV.

How to buy FFXIV Gil safe?

Search in Reddit, and find the best place to buy FF14 Gil. First of all, you may be banned from the game by buying Gil. People do it every day, and they don't get caught - you can find real money traders (RMT) a mile away, but GM doesn't roam around in the game environment anymore, so they may have a harder time catching people. Please don't quote me above and don't accept Gil in the way I say it can be purchased.

The best way to buy Gil is to search Google for "PVPBank FFXIV Gil.". Compared with the past, there are few suppliers. I did a search and the only name I found was PVPBank.

Be careful when you buy - don't get caught.

Is gil buyer / seller actually punished in this game?

They can and have said in the past that they follow the Gil transfer. So if you buy a lot of Gil, it will look suspicious. They will imprison you and ask you questions, then trace Gil back to Gil bots. For example, people who have moved in the past buy materials for servers and then sell them in the world they want to move to. Because it looks suspicious, it will be jailed for selling a lot of gil quickly. When they examine the story, they ask them to trace the source of Gil.

Whether they will act on gil's buyers is uncertain. Like people jumping on reddit and saying, "OMG, I'm forbidden to buy Gil!"

FF14 Gil Guide Reddit

Gil is a metric currency, measured on the basis of 10. In addition, the exact value of Gil varies between games. For example, in Final Fantasy IV, the price of the potion is 30 Gil, compared with 250 Gil in Final Fantasy VI and 100 Gil in Final Fantasy VII. Some items, such as elixirs, are cheap, usually only 1 Gil, which is intended to prevent players from selling such rare items. In most games, the value of items between stores and towns is universal, and the price of items doesn't change where players shop. There are some exceptions that allow players to get discounts in some stores, but this is rare.

Gil has many other uses, such as the Gil toss feature, which allows players to hurt enemies by throwing money at them. gil TOS often causes great harm, but the obvious disadvantage is that it costs a lot of gil. In Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, gil can be used to bribe monsters to leave the fight and entice Yojimbo to attack the enemy. In Final Fantasy XII, the turnleshell chooker accessory allows well-equipped team members to cast spells using Gil instead of MP.

In Final Fantasy VII, Gil and GP are considered separate currencies. In the Golden Disc amusement park, GP is used to pay for many scenic spots, while others charge Gil. GP is also used to purchase items from the park. GP usually can't exchange with Gil, but a person appears randomly outside the park and sells the player GP for 100 Gil per person. Otherwise, you can only get GP by winning the mini game of UFO.